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Do you have a swimming pool in your Texas home? If so, you’ll probably want to consider investing in quality summer pool care services if you haven’t already. Pool maintenance is the best way to ensure that your family enjoys swimming in sparkling clean water this summer. Quite simply, a properly maintained and managed pool can provide your family with clear and inviting water. Continue reading this post from One Source to learn more about the benefits and importance of summer pool care services.

Helps Kill Germs and Bacteria

A pool with excessively high or low pH levels can be dangerous for swimmers. When the pH level is too high, the chlorine in the pool can become inactive. Consequently, this also makes the water cloudy and slick. Your family will not be able to swim in the pool and it will affect their skin and eyes.

While an excessively low pH level tends to dissolve the chlorine too fast. In both cases, this is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. And unfortunately, swimmers can become ill and develop various infections.

However, a professional pool care service provider can ensure that your pool has the right pH level, which should be around 7.4. This level ensures the proper effectiveness of chlorine for killing germs and bacteria and for keeping the water safe.

Maintains Eye and Skin Safety

Another reason for hiring summer pool care services is for proper maintenance of the pool water. Maintenance is the most effective way to ensure each swimmer’s eye and skin safety. If there is no one designated to maintain the chemicals in your pool, the water can irritate your eyes and skin. Also, bad bacteria in the water can result in infection.

Protects Your Pool from Corrosion

What most homeowners don’t know is that imbalanced water can be scale-forming or corrosive. This happens when the water has high pH alkalinity and high calcium levels, or a combination of these factors. These conditions occur due to irregular or improper maintenance of swimming pools. The scale begins to form over the pool surface and its equipment. Consequently, this leads to corrosion of pool ladders, handrails, pumps, heaters, and liners. Not only does this pollute the pool water, but it can also put a big dent in your pocket. Overall, pool corrosion requires more expensive fixes.

Controls Oily Wastes Left Behind By Swimmers

Did you know that one active swimmer can produce at least 2 pints of perspiration/hour in a pool? Perspiration contains organic and inorganic contaminants. These wastes eventually build up and make the water uncomfortable for bathing. Most people should shower off before they enter a pool. This helps to remove any lotions, fragrance chemicals, or oils that swimmers have on their skin. Unfortunately, most people just dive in and do not wash away build-up on their skin and in their hair. Furthermore, the build-up that they have from swimming is still an issue.

This is why regular pool maintenance is a necessary part of keeping your pool safe and swimmable. Pool care providers with experience use regular oxidation techniques to remove waste and debris that swimmers leave behind.

Learn More About What You Can Do

Are you now thinking about investing in professional summer pool care services this summer? In fact, along with regular professional maintenance services, you can also use the following tips. These are important ways to keep your pool super clean and safe between services:

  • Skim plant debris from the pool daily during summers to prevent algae growth. As you may know, algae rely on organic matter and decay from plant debris.
  • Make sure to brush the pool walls, steps, benches, and floor weekly to prevent scale formation and corrosion. Fortunately, your pool care service will do this regularly. Yet, if they miss a week, or you’ve had a bad storm and a lot of debris is in your pool, perform this procedure on your own.
  • The UV rays of the sun, especially during summers, can break down the chlorine content in the water. This can ultimately pose a risk of skin problems and bacterial growth. Therefore, make sure that your maintenance service tests the waters and remains proactive with chlorine levels.
  • You should also ask your pool care provider to show you how to properly test your pool water and perform simple maintenance. This is in the event that you have an emergency and it may be a while before your next service.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact the professionals of One Source Residential Services today at 281-363-4663. With our help, your pool can stay sparkling clean for your family to enjoy all summer long.

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