Summer Pest Control for Southeast Texas


The State of Texas is pretty much always hot, and it’s especially hot in the summer. However, the region of southeast Texas is not only hot but also extremely humid. In turn, the weather can favor lots of summer rain due to climate conditions coming from the Gulf of Mexico. As such, homeowners are constantly seeking refuge and comfort indoors, and so are certain insects and other pests!  This is why summers in southeast Texas are perhaps the most crucial times for homeowners to have pest control services.

Although living in the south will typically afford mild winters, there is a flip side… pests will flourish when it’s warm outside. In fact, you’ll find an array of insects in your home during the brutal summer months. Their main reasons for coming inside are for food and shelter. Homes offer pests an interesting array of garbage foods that easily give off an aroma that they can sense. Also, homes provide convenient shelter and safety from predators who are especially out hunting for food when it’s warm outside.

This article provides information about some of the most common pests that will particularly invade your home in the summer. You’ll also learn the importance of having professional pest control services, especially in the summer. So, do you think you know the top three pests of southeast Texas? Read on to test your knowledge!

Common Summer Pests

American Cockroaches

The Lone Star State is hot, warm, and is known for its patriotism – and that includes the American cockroach, which is different than the more common German variant. American cockroaches are typically larger than a quarter and will find themselves in your home in any available crock and cranny. If left untreated, they can contaminate your food with pathogens including salmonella, leave droppings, even eat up adhesives used in wallpaper.


Did you know that spiders do not fare well during rainy seasons? Consequently, you will typically find them spinning webs in the corners of unoccupied rooms. While most spiders are harmless and can be very beneficial in culling insects, Texas is home to two venomous species, the brown recluse, and black widow. If you aren’t able to identify the spider’s species or if you see a recluse or widow spider, get help.  For professional local pest control services, contact One Source Residential Services.


No summer season is complete without ants somehow invading their way into your kitchen, dirty clothes, or garage. Yet, homeowners who have regular pest control services, usually don’t have to worry. Ant colonies have a way of getting into your home when it’s hot outside because odors tend to expand and dissipate much better and faster in the warm air.


Small mammals will also take refuge in your home when the weather becomes inclement, or during dry spells. Signs that mice have taken shelter in your home include dark droppings along with the corners of your walls and food packaging that looks like it’s been gnawed open.

Pest Control Services

The moment you begin seeing pests invade your home is a surefire sign that it’s time to get regular pest control services. Also, when your typical over-the-counter solutions fail to control the population, you’ll want to seek professional assistance. The key to finding the right provider is to know what to look for and what questions to ask. Most providers will have exceptional knowledge of local pests in your area, and provide treatments year-round. Smart homeowners in Texas know and understand that one-time treatments simply will not do!

To learn more about how we can remediate pest issues in the SE Texas area, contact One Source Residential Services in the Woodlands. Call us at 281-363-4663 for information and to schedule a consultation.


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